Destination: Switzerland

  • Destination: Switzerland
    Region, District, State: St. Moritz

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  • Destination: Switzerland
    City: Geneva

    Geneva sightseeing tour

    Welcome to Geneva! It is situated on splendid Lake Geneva. You can go for a ride on the antique paddle wheeler, walk along narrow streets of a medieval city, know more about its history, admire small squares with fountains and St. Peter Cathedral. Besides, you have an opportunity to meet Geneva from international side, see the famous Fountain and Flower Clock. You will know a lot of intresting facts about Geneva and fall in love with its.

    Swiss Riviera (from Lausanne to Montreux)

    You can visit one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. It is vineyard Lavoux and taste Swiss wine. You have a chance to visit Lausanne, the Olympic capital, see its magnificent Gothic Cathedral and out-of-the-way underground, feel yourself a citizen of Lausanne while walking along the street ot the city.

    You can take a walk along the embankments Veve, the center of wine-making and the city of Charly Chaplin, admire Montreux, a pearl of Swiss Riviera, with unique microclimate, numerous of nice hotels around , in one of which V. Nabokov had used to live before,the place of famous jazz festival.
    "If you want to find peace in your heart and paradise on earth, come to Montreux"- the words of F.Mercury, the monument of which stands by the water.
    Chillion castle, famous due to Byron, will fascinate with its beauty and ancient history.