Destination: Comoros

  • Destination: Comoros
    Region, District, State: Moheli Island

    Ecotourism and sport

    Moheli is a 100% eco-tourism destination

    Moheli Laka Lodge will organise all your excursions.

    The entire area south of Moheli is a natural reserve, recognised since 1994 by the United Nations Environmental Programme as National Marine Park. The entire zone is now protected including the coral reefs, the giant sea turtles, the dugong, and you can come to swim in all safety with different kinds of dolphins, Manta Rays, Humpback Whales and snorkel the many coral reefs all around the isles.

    You may choose among different sport activities such as beach volley ball, ping pong, kayaking, badminton, etc.

    Have a quiet walk in the village of Nioumachoua. The villagers and children will kindly greet you and are very friendly. You may then buy locally produced sisal carpets, vanilla and other spices such as cloves, pepper, Muscat, etc.

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